INFLOWSEM is an industry facing service platform offered by the Energy, Emission and Environment Research Group (EEERG) at the University of Huddersfield to make innovative solutions available to companies in the flow handling and energy industry. We engage with our clients through the information that we make available on our website as well as through industrial collaborative activities such as training, courses, programmes, knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs), product development and more. Please visit our website regularly as we are constantly updating it with new content and service offers.

We provide bespoke services to the flow handling equipment and energy industry utilizing a wide range of digital, analytical and experimental tools for resolving multiple industrial challenges. We are constantly updating our site with information about new tools and equipment as they become available so please check back regularly.

We can deliver tailored courses for industry-specific applications electronically and face-to-face geared towards various state-of-the-art industry-related skills and techniques. Find more here.

We offer a range of digital, analytical, and experimental tools for performing complex engineering analysis tailored to your specific need. See our services page for more information.

Generally, we work with companies and institutions in the flow handling and energy industry, more specifically we develop innovative solutions in the area of valve, piping and pumps industry. Alternative energy including wind turbines and solar power, automobile, petrochemical, servitisation and additive manufacturing. Whatever the industrial need, we encourage you to contact us via our channels or sign up to INFLOWSEM membership to find out about premium services we offer for your particular requirement. Explore a few case studies of our past works here.

To sign up for membership, please complete the sign up form on our website, this involves a verification process via the email you have registered. If you encounter any problems with using the web form, please email us your joining request directly and we will contact you with joining information as soon as possible.

Membership eligibility is open globally to all companies interested in developing and discovering innovative solutions to industrial needs. We offer premium services to our members ranging from access to our newsletter, training sessions, 1 hour long consultations with industry an expert, as well as new content being added to the membership section of our website. We are constantly improving the range of services that we offer so please visit our website as often as possible to keep up with new information as it becomes available.

By signing up for a user account on the Inflowsem website, you gain access to exclusive content such as our quarterly industrial newsletter, training videos, experimental and analytical tools.

All of the information provided through the sign up and contact forms is only made available to those specifically related to your enquiry. We do not sell or disburse user information to any third parties.

To book one free 30-minute consultation, please click here. A free session can only be booked at least one week in advance. Please leave as much information as possible to ensure the session is productive.

Each company is entitled to one free 30-minute consultation with one of our experts. A further free consultation can be discretionarily granted but is not guaranteed.

Our primary repository of latest information about our services and promotions is our website. If you wish to get in touch with us, all of our official contact information can be found in the enquiries section of the website. We also offer a consultation service which we provide via the consultation booking service on our website if you wish to come see us in person.