INFLOWSEM - Industry Flow Solutions & Energy Management
Our Experience

With over a decade of robust research and development experience, including successful completion of 20 high-end industrial projects and 13 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, we are well placed to support the innovation needs of the flow handling industry. We intend to provide specialized services and industry partners are encouraged to collaborate with us. We are also constantly developing new expertise which keeps us globally poised to empower your team with new tools and to a professional standard.

Why US?

Knowledge of 21st century flow solutions is our speciality—that’s why we want to share our innovations. Our collective resolve is reflected in our activities that are geared towards making purposeful contributions to increase the technological and economic growth of businesses and institutions involved with product engineering and development within the flow handling industry.

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Digital Tools

We utilize and develop a range of digital tools for use in flow handling system operations

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Analytical Tools

We are able to perform complex flow engineering analysis using effective analytical tools

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Experimental Tools

We implement cutting edge technology in the design and execution of experiments

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We are a part of University of Huddersfield


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